“Think 2Many DJs mixed with Richie Hawtin mixed with Alex from The Orb”
Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1)

With influences ranging from the synth maestros, Giorgio Moroder and Aphex Twin, to the balls out rock of Led Zeppelin and the Who, Trafik have forged a style in the electronic music underground that is all their own – they blaze an improbable trail through a sonic space that lies somewhere between ethereal cinematic scores and storming DJ weapons.

One of the premier artists on the seminal Global Underground label, Trafik have released over 170 tracks on Beatport, remixed the likes of UNKLE, Dave Seaman and Tilt, mixed 25 top selling compilations collectively amassing well over 1 million sales in total and their tracks have appeared on big US TV shows like CSI:New York and CSI:Miami.

Trafik’s “Live Soundsystem” show has toured the world with sell out gigs in New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Bratislava, Johannesburg, Beirut, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo and even on the Great Wall of China.

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Solavox – California Sunshine (Polygram)
Tilt – Movin (Hooj)
Forth – Reality Detached (Coded)
Trafik – Your Light (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Echoes (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Surrender (GU[MUSIC])
Avatar – The Haze (Sog Chrome)
Avatar – Drift Away (Sog)
Spector – Lawless (Little Mountain)
Spector – Lawless (Forensic)
Trafik – Salt In NYC (Remixes) (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Le Beeatch (Remixes) (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Cut Your Teeth (Remixes) (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Paid Up In Full (GU[MUSIC])

Trafik – Bullet (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Club Trafikana (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – None But The Brave (Global Underground)

Forth – Departures (Global Underground)
Forth – Arrivals (Global Underground)
Forth – Destinations (Global Underground)
Forth – Passport (Global Underground)
Forth – Locations (Global Underground)
Forth – Hyperstate 99 (Orange Records)
Trafik – Electric Calm V.1 (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – Afterhours (Global Underground)
Forth – SHOX Sountrack (EA Sports)
Trafik – Electric Calm V.2 (GU[MUSIC])
Forth – Exposures (Global Underground)
Trafik – Afterhours 2 (Global Underground)
Forth – Synchronised (Global Underground)
Trafik – Electric Calm V.3 (GU[MUSIC])
Trafik – GU10 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Afterhours 3 (Global Underground)
Trafik – GUMIXED (Global Underground)
Trafik – Afterhours Ibiza (Global Underground)
Trafik – GUMIXED 2 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Afterhours 5 (Global Underground)
Trafik – GUMIXED 3 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Afterhours Ibiza 2 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Global Underground 2009 (Global Underground)
Trafik – GUMIXED 4 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Global Underground 2009 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Global Underground 2010 (Global Underground)
Trafik – Electric Calm V.5 (GU[MUSIC])

Trafik Remixes
Diamond Dogs – Nothing Else (Climax Recordings)
Fernando Lagreca – Divine Fix (Climax Recordings)
Dave Seaman – Own Worst Enemy (Audio Therapy)
Lostep – Burma (GU[MUSIC])
Andrew K – Mar De Oro (Babylon Records)
J – Punch – Afterglow (System Recordings)
Tilt – New Day (Lost Language)
Mohawk – Outer Limit (Baroque)
Stewart Keenan – Drift Away (Navigation)
Sound Alliance – Sub Regression (Proton)
K Roxx – Surreal (Audio Therapy)
Swain & Collingwood – Never Be The Same (GU[MUSIC])
Mohawk – Outerlimits (Baroque)
Mannheim Steamroller – Creatures Of The Night (American Gramaphone)
Rachel Lamb – By Heart (Stardust Records)
Northern Cast – Big Surprise (Alibi Vinyl)
Buc Naztee – Deviate (Proton Music)
Blendbrank – The Prophecy (Bug Eyed)
Native – The Dome (Swordtail Records)
Mono – Elevator People (Alibi Vinyl)
DJ Kira & James Warren – Virtual Contact feat. Rachel Lamb
Blue Amazon – Nu Nu (Convert Recordings)
Rob Vision – Summerstorm (DPulse Recordings)
Angela K – Ballad (Rebirth)
Elegant Universe – Modern Time feat. Adir Ohayon
Ali Bertash – Can’t Wait
Sultan – G-Stringz (GU[MUSIC])

Forth Remixes
BT – Loving You More (Perfecto)
Zee – Dreamtime (Perfecto)
Twister – Clean It Up (Paradiso)
Johnna – In My Dreams (PWL)
Konya – Come On (Positiva)
S.N.S – You Do Me Wrong (Skyway)
Libra – Calling Your Name (Platipus)
Sian – Stronger Together (Hi-Life)
Taktix – Pride (MCA)
Lord of the Dance – Siamsa (Polydor)
Zoe – Paganinni Traxx (Sony)
VFR – Tranceillusion (Quad)
Taucher – Waters (Quad)
Stef, Pako & Frederik – Magic Shop (Coded)
Daniel Gregory – Oceana (Climax Recordings)